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Hello, Mr. Novenstein.


Thank you for following the link. If I may, I'd like to share a quick history of my company.


5 years ago, Art Installer Network (AIN) was started as the nationwide registry of professional art installers. A database was integrated with a pricing program which estimated project completion times, generated binding quotes and introduced to corporate art providers to local art installers who were willing to complete the projects for those quoted prices.  It’s a performance-based compensation that does not reward slow workers with an hourly wage. The result?  Projects are complete faster and labor costs are controlled.


Earlier this year, after numerous requests for help from museum fabrication companies, we started a second division, Preparator Network (aka “Prep Net”), the nationwide registry of preparators/fabricators. The first job came immediately after the network’s formation when we introduced preparators to CREO Industrial Arts. Those preparators completed the firearms exhibit at the museum complex in Cody, WY.  We’re now scheduled to start the Olympics museum in Colorado Springs in a few weeks, and a museum in Honolulu this spring . . . all with LOCAL preparators.  

Now the attention is directed to problems in the handler industry which I believe can be  solved by Art Handler Network. With an on-line order form and automated notifications to local handlers, the recruitment process is extremely easy.  But it’s our use of 1099-K contractors that saves our clients huge amounts of money. With these workers, employers don’t issue 1099s. With no earning statements, there are no FICA or UC taxes. Since the contractors aren’t employees, there are no expectations for life, dental or health insurance - OR paid vacation, sick time or even overtime pay.  Without payroll taxes and benefits, savings of $11-$12 per hour are being seen. (Add that amount to an handler’s starting hourly wage and see how quickly your vacancies are filled. )


There are also indirect savings. As mentioned above, by using local installers, money is saved on travel expenses. No need to pay an entire crew to drive across the country - just have the locals  meet the driver at the site.  IN ADDITION, with AIN organizing installs, our corporate clients are further reducing payroll expenses by eliminating their install coordinator position. AND, without installers or an install coordinator on staff, those clients are seeing a reduction in the workload to their human resources department. 


Finally, just as we make our clients happy, we do the same for handlers by advancing wages, paying a daily stipend for their local travel expenses and funneling work to them. Happy handlers make for a more peaceful workplaces.


Do I have your interest?


I hope so. For more information on the companies, the press releases of all three networks at our Network News section. For the details on the cost, a pricing calculator can be found with the order form at the Handler Network site. And for clients who are unsure of which network to use, we’ve created a site that helps them decide,


If you can see the benefits of truly independent contractors, let me know where your needs are and I will introduce you forward-thinking entrepreneurs.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for your time!


Scott S. Solda

Installer Liaison






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