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Request Art Handlers Near You

No matter where you or your organization is located, we can connect museums, art handling and shipping companies, private collections, galleries, or anyone handling high-value objects to professional art handlers within the United States.

We service the entire United States


Including major markets like


  • New York, NY

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Chicago, IL

  • Miami, FL

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • San Antonio, TX

  • San Francisco, CA

  • Atlanta, GA

Pre-screened art handlers with the Art Handler Network are independent contractors not subject to payroll taxes or employee benefits who carry their own liability insurance. Organizations can connect with fully insured, pre-screened installers, art handlers, preparators, mountmakers, drivers, and more in the cities and locations where they want their services. 


  • Professional Art Handlers 

  • Anywhere in the United States 

  • Short-Term Contractors 

  • No benefits, No Payroll Taxes


Art handlers work with registrars, collection managers, and conservators to handle and care for high-value objects in an appropriate and safe manner. Art handlers frequently undertake a wide range of duties such as packing, unpacking, installing, and de-installing art and artifacts and their related exhibitions. On our about page, you will find out more about AHN and can read our frequently asked questions.


Have other questions about the AHN? Visit our contact page to submit your questions!


If you’re looking to become a preferred contractor for the AHN, please fill out our registration form found on our registration page.

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