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Register as an Art Handler

Contract Work for the Best Art & Artifact Handlers

 Work independently and get additional clients.


Professionals with the Art Handler Network are independent contractors whom we extensively screen for the quality of their work, trustworthiness, and communication. Organizations such as museums, storage facilities, shipping companies, and more can connect with fully insured, pre-screened art handlers, preparators, mountmakers, drivers, and more in the cities and locations where they want their services.

We Need the following skills Anywhere in the U.S.

  • Packing

  • Installing

  • Carpentry/Crate Building

  • CDL

  • A/V Installation

  • Mountmaking

  • Lift Certification

  • Forklift Certification

Art handlers will working with other industry professionals to ensure that artifacts are handled and cared for in an appropriate and safe manner. 


  • Get the right Art Handler with exclusive clients in the places you need them.

  • Work on your schedule, connect with Museums, Art Handling & Shipping Companies, Private Collections, Galleries, and other related businesses.

  • Anywhere in the United States


For other questions, contact us directly.

To hire a professional, please request one directly.