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About Art Handler Network

Why Choose AHN?

  • Have a contingent workforce by contracting screened, trusted, and professional art handlers local to the job. 

  • No need to piece together install schedules with multiple contractors, manage multiple timesheets, or chase multiple individual invoices.

  • Find special skills for special projects.

  • Find interim employees while you search for permanent staff.

  • No need to pay employee benefits or payroll taxes.

Special Skills Interim Staff
One Contact
one Invoice
One email

forklift transporting a fragle box

Screened, independent Art Handlers, Preparators, Mountmakers

mounts and wire

Professionals with the right skills Anywhere in the U.S.

men packing a wooden crate

We will match you with a professional with the specific skills for the specific job

Having a professional on board is essential to the success of your collection. We provide professionals for private collectors, corporate art collections, public museums, shipping companies,  galleries, or anyone working with high-value objects.


We can also provide an entire team consisting of art handlers, registrars, and conservators, to realize an entire project on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to serving as a marketing tool that requires no membership fee, the Art Handler Network connects independent art handlers, preparators, and/or mountmakers with prospective clients. 

  • How does the process work?
    The Art Handler Network website allows clients to easily order services. AHN contacts appropriate professionals near a pending job. We introduce the contractor to the client who can then accept the candidate or request additional candidates. AHN invoices the client and the contractor invoices AHN. JT Robinette, LLC doing business as Art Handler Network, will invoice the client.
  • Are the wages earned tax free?
    No. If we hire your, we withhold the necessary taxes. If we subcontract you or hire you as an independent contractor, you are responsible for reporting your own taxes.
  • How often do jobs come along?
    Naturally, work is more frequent in larger cities. Registering with AHN does not guarantee work but will actively seek it out and market accordingly. Those who perform well for and get along well with certain clients often get requested more often. In addition, the work can be seasonal.
  • Do I receive pay when I am sick, on vacation, or if it's a holiday?
    I wish I could, but as freelancers, we only receive payment for services rendered.
  • How often are handlers paid?
    AHN pays every 2 weeks. Independent contractors must submit invoices for their work. We pay within 2 weeks.
  • Do I have to pay a membership?
    No membership fee is required.
  • Am I paid a premium for overtime?
    Yes. We charge our clients a day rate for up to 8 hours and overtime beyond those 8 hours. Overtime is based on state regulations for employees or on a negotiated rate for independent contractors.
  • Do I receive health insurance or other benefits?
    No. Since no one works on a full-time basis, we do not offer employee benefits such as health insurance.
  • What is Art Handler Network?
    The Art Handler Network is a staffing agency for all collections care professionals but primarily focusing on art handlers and registrars. We provide screened, temporary professionals across the country.
  • What is the pay?
    We offer a competitive wage based on your level of experience. We work on a day rate with either a 4 or 8 hour minimum. If you are an independent contractor , you can set your own rate based on your skills and experience.
  • Is Art Handler Network my employer?
    Sometimes. We legally hire some professionals in some states in order to fully insure our people. We do not, however, provide benefits as no one works full time. If you have your own company or operate in states where we do not, we can still hire you as an independent contractor.
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