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Terms & Conditions

I understand that Art Handler Network (AHN) is an IT company which performs marketing services for art handlers. It works as a facilitator, with the goal of making it easy for clients to hire art handlers. As part of that role, AHN pays installers daily stipends for travel expenses which is paid ahead of the client's pay.


Art handlers accepting jobs from AHN operate as independent contractors. They are not employees or sub-contractors of AHN or the client. As such, handlers must submit an invoice to AHN for the hours they work.


Handlers will be paid by AHN via credit card and are responsible for the transaction fees. They are free to use whatever credit card processor they choose, though PayPal is preferred by AHN.


It is important to note the credit card processor only issues earning statements if more than $20,000 was paid with more than 200 transactions/ Handlers are responsible to report those earnings to the IRS.

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