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Collections care staffing

Temporary art handlers, technicians, preparators, mountmakers, and registrars

Fragile Art Gallery Crates

Hire professional, screened art handlers where you need them.

Art Handler Network (AHN) connects you to pre-screened, professionals with the following skills.

  • Packing

  • Installation

  • Mountmaking

  • Drivers

  • Carpentry/Crate Building

  • Lift drivers

  • Forklift drivers

sculptures wrapped in plastic in an museum

Immediate Results

You have the option of employing a single individual or a whole team of people without spending time finding and scheduling freelancers and without the need of hiring full-time employees with benefits.

  • Never chase and schedule individual freelancers

  • Do more in less time with extra staff

  • Never be short on staff

  • Contract pre-screened, highly-skilled professionals

  • Contract one person or an entire team

  • Contract multiple professions (art handlers, registrars, conservators) with one contact

a semi backing in to pick up crates of art

Contract Skilled Art Handlers Anywhere in the U.S.

Contract skilled professionals where you need them and the avoid travel costs from sending your staff.

  • Special Projects

  • Art Fairs

  • Loan installations

  • Client Homes

The Benefits of Networking with AHN

Hire professionals without having to pay employee benefits or manage payroll taxes. Connect with screened installers where you need them. Learn more about AHN and read our frequently asked questions on our about page.

Find and Manage contractors with a single point of Contact

paint roller

Screened Independent Contractors When and where you need them

laser and tape mesure making accurate mesurments

Extra Help without Paying benefits
or payroll taxes


Join AHN as one of our preferred contractors

AHN Art handlers collaborate with registrars, collection managers, and conservators to ensure that artifacts are handled and cared for in a proper and safe manner.


  • Work on your schedule

  • Connect with Museums, Art Handling & Shipping Companies, Private Collections, Galleries, and more 

  • Anywhere in the United States

Need additional collection help?

AHN is part of J.T. Robinette, LLC which manages high-value art and artifact collections. We provide oversight of inventory, conservation, storage, logistics, couriers, and contracts for all collections. Proper installation and handling of objects crucially complements proper collections management.

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