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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ArtHandlerNetwork.com?

Art Handler Network is an off-shoot of ArtInstallerNetwork and PreparatorNetwork and provides marketing services for art handlers.

What's the difference between a 1099-M and a 1099-K?

If paid by cash or a check, a 1099-M is issued by the payer to anyone earning more than $600. If paid by credit card, the credit card processor issues a 1099-K but only if earnings exceed $20,000 AND there were more than 200 transactions. As an example, if an art handler received $50,000 and was paid weekly (thereby having only 52 transactions), they will not recieve any wage statement. Many handlers will make more than $20K. few will have more than 200 jobs.

So these wages are TAX FREE?

No. Earners are expected to report all wages, even if they don't receive a 1099.

Are 1099-K workers employees or sub-contractors?

Neither. 1099-K are considered independent contractors. This status is appealing to clients because it saves money on taxes payroll taxes.

What is the pay?

Art handlers earn $27/hour AND $27/day for travel expenses.

How can AHN pay $10/hour more than the going rate?

Employee benefits (such as paid time off, pension funds, health, dental and life insurance) cost employers about $12/hour. Art Handler Network returns that savings to the handler.

What else do I need to know about 1099-K contractor?

With payment being made by credit card, there is a processing fee which contractors are responsible to pay. Strip, SquareUp and PayPal are easy-to-use processors which charges 2.5%-3.3% of the transaction fee.

How does the process work?

The Art Handler Network has created a website where clients can easily order services. Notifications of a pending job are sent to handlers closest to the site. Those who are available are introduced to the client for their approval. These are limited term jobs with high pay and no benefits. Installers do not receive 1099-M but may receive 1099-K's.

How long do the jobs last?

Each job has different requirements. But generally speaking, reliable, hard-working professionals who exceed an employer's expectations tend to work longer contracts than than those who are not as hard working.

How often are handlers paid?

Handlers request funds by invoicing AHN. Money earned from labor is generally made within the week. Moeny paid for travel expenses ($27) can be paid daily ahead of the project.

How can AHN pay handlers AHEAD of a job???

It's hard to get to a job site with an empty gas tank. It makes sense to pay travel stipends ahead of travel. As with wages, travel stipends are paid with a credit card.

How often do jobs come along?

Work is more frequent in larger cities and in those areas where AHN has focused it's marketing efforts.

Do I receive pay when I'm sick, on vacation or if it's a holiday?

Handlers are only paid for services rendered.

Am I paid a premium for over-time?

Art handlers receive a premium pay of $27/hour for all hours worked.

Do I receive medical or dental insurance?


Is ArtHandlerNetwork.com my employer?

No. AHN is a computer program which performs marketing functions to locate jobs for independent contractors.